Style Guide – Heading 1

Below are the recommended styles that are preconfigured to work with your website.
They demonstrate how each of these styles will visually display.

It is important to use these styles to keep consistency throughout your website.

These should be all the styles you need but, if you find you need additional styles not listed below it is best to contact the website developer to implement them than to try and hack it.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Paragraph text with bolditalicbold italic text. A link and a Bold Link
A line break (Ctrl/Cmd + Enter) starts text on a new line without the paragraph break above)

  1. An ordered list item
  2. Another ordered list item
  3. Another ordered list item

“A blockquote “Paintings selected for the show display a duality of approaches…from simple, designed observational compositions to more abstracted, deconstructed narrative paintings…Head and shoulder compositions show [Alla’s] ability to work from life and capture an expression…”

Custom Characters – Á CUTE little man walked up the hill and down into his GRAVÈ

Horizonatal rule / Section break (below)